Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Issues

How do you deal with payment problems?

The member has to contact Admin to let us know about the problem.

If the member did not receive the PayPal payment, maybe their email sent to us was incorrect.

If the payment sent to the member was incorrect, we will add the additional payment.

Any other Payment Issues can be resolved with communication to us.

Particpation Issues

How are Members paid?

We pay members via PayPal when they reach US$2.00 or more.

Payment is done via PayPal. So each member MUST have a PayPal Account.

Membership Issues

Can anyone join for free?

Yes if that personal country is on our approved list. There is no cost to join.

After that a Member can choose to remain a free member or upgrade.

Contact Issues

Can we contact the Site for more answers?

Yes. Just log in as a Member and use the Contact Message System.

Visitors to our Site can use the Contact Form from the link at our Site.

Advertising Issues

Is advertising free?

No. But we offer easy cheap and effective advertising costs.

Still having trouble? Contact us here.
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